2015 Summer Interns


Meet our new crop of five summer interns: Catherine, Joy, Bekah, Maleny, and Jonathan! They’re here from mid-May to mid-August to learn about sustainable farming, food justice, and life in intentional Christian community.

IMG_6360 (1)Catherine Hagenbush

Hi guys! My name is Catherine Hagenbush. I’m a sophomore at Hope College studying Communication, and minoring in Ministry. I grew up in Grand Rapids. My interests in life align pretty well with my interest in Eighth Day: feeding people physically, but also emotionally and spiritually. How we honor our bodies and the bodies of others is crucial to who we are as Christians and healthy human beings! Also, I love kids, camping, running, bonfires, cooking, playing the guitar, yoga, reading, and watching TED talks.
Working on a farm is new territory for me. But I think providing wholesome food to people is a ministry of its own. A unique way of learning to love your neighbor. I am stoked to be learning these lessons first hand alongside the other interns this summer!

Joy Hartman

Hi! My name is Joy Hartman. I was born and raised in New Hampshire and am now a Senior at Hope College graduating with a degree in Social Work. My passion is for children that have been adopted or in the foster care system that are subject to trauma and emotional impairments. I also enjoy cooking in community, hiking, tide-pooling, reading, biking, and trying new things.

My interest in working on a farm developed out my time abroad in New Zealand where I studied sustainability and was deeply rooted in the community of my small town for a semester. I’m looking forward to learning more about food justice through the hard work of growing it, communal living, and the opportunity to be better acquainted with the warm community of Holland.

Excited to see what this summer has in store,

10616312_10152605119764484_8486048006701250145_n (1)Bekah Deibler

Hello friends! I’m Bekah Deibler from West Richland, Washington. I’m just finishing up my senior year at Calvin College, studying geology. I love the earth and find rocks especially beautiful. It’s crazy how much of God’s character is revealed in a pebble. Ask me about it sometime, I’d love to share. Other things I enjoy include hiking, hammocking, skiing, painting, swimming, reading, campfires, folk music, and conversations over coffee.

I’m interested in community development and caring for the earth well. That’s the main reason why I’m super pumped to intern at Eighth Day this summer. I’m looking forward to living in a community that’s working towards restoration. I can’t wait to start this adventure!


Maleny CrespoMC (1)

Hola! My name is Maleny Crespo. I was born in Texas, but raised in Holland, MI. I am super excited for this summer! I know that being an intern at Eighth Day Farm will challenge me as a Christian, community member and political activist in glorious ways! I do not believe that being an activist and a Christian are mutually exclusive. As a matter of fact, I believe that a core foundation of activism is developing relationships with neighbors and working towards the greater good of the community. (I am sure there is something like that in the New Testament somewhere.) Which is why I was drawn to this internship opportunity. While I am not out in the world making a fool of myself, I like to write poetry, learn how to fix bikes, talk to plants, speak in Spanish, play my ukulele at random places, and have heart to heart conversations with strangers. I am honored to go on this journey with the rest of you. Thank you!


Jonathan Weeks

I’m delighted to return to the town I once called home and put my Environmental Studies education to good use! Returning to Holland after 5 years of college at The New School University in New York City, I hope to draw on my academic and vocational background to help project Eighth Day Farm’s stated social justice objectives beyond its current constituency and create a larger awareness of structural inequities prevalent in how Holland residents procure their food. I’ve worked in various components of the “food system” as a butcher, cook, manager, and server among other occupations, and am thrilled to learn as much as possible about small-scale organic agricultural production back in west Michigan. Can’t wait to meet you all and talk recipes with you at the CSA pick-ups!