Andy’s Winter Forecast

What do you do all winter?

That’s often the first question people ask when I tell them what I do for a living. Winter allows farmers to rest and refresh a little bit. We rest from a long year of labor. We attend conferences to learn new farm and leadership skills. The work never really ends, though. Things I’m currently working on:

·        Planning: Much to prepare for the coming growing season, including budgets, seed orders, crop plans, intern recruitment.

·        Infrastructure: Key to our efficiency and enjoyment of our labor. Current operations include building on-site storage at the Town Center (to replace our storefront storage site, which will have a tenant moving in), creating an area for our post-harvest handling, repairs to the high tunnel.

·        Relationships: We need to grow the community participating in Eighth Day Farm, to make our operations sustainable. I’m meeting with business owners, local organizations, and restaurants, among others to get the word out and see how we can involve more people in our work. Any help you can provide in sharing the word about the CSA would be humbly appreciated.

Here’s the link for 2018 CSA shares.

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