Canning Fruit without Sugar

Even though our CSA focuses on vegetables and herbs, I received this recipe from a friend last year and love it so much that I thought I’d pass it on.

Guidelines for using fruit juice in place of sugar

  1. Choose fully ripened fruit as perfect as possible so it has the advantage of natural sweetness.
  2. If fruit is large, slice or cut up into small pieces. The sweetening will only take a little more than a cup of juice per quart.
  3. Follow regular canning procedures for cold-packing fruits except in place of boiling water, simply bring fruit juices to a boil and add to the fuit placed in jars and screw lids on as usual.

Suggestions for fruit juices to compliment a variety of fruits

  • Apricots: combine equal parts of apple and pineapple juice; white grape juice also works well
  • Cherries: grape juice or apple juice
  • Peaches: pineapple and apple juice combo, or apple and orange juice combo, or apple juice
  • Pears: pineapple and orange combo, or apple juice