Eggplants (Aubergines)


 What are they and what do I do with them?

I am not sure why in America we need to be obtuse and call them eggplants.  I feel so refined when I call them aubergines, even if my pronunciation is weak.  In preparing for this equally weak post I found some satisfying trivia. Did you know some vegetables and fruits contain nicotine (see the link below)? Eggplant is the decisive winner when it comes to nicotine rich edibles. No worries, it is only trace amounts. You would have to eat about 20 pounds to equal one cigarette. High in manganese and other minerals, as well as a decent amount of Vitamin K, they are yet another healthy farm offering. The darker eggplants’ skin is also chock full of phytonutirents.  A quick review of my saved recipe links and the uses are overwhelming. Yes, eggplant parmesan is an easy go to, but fritters, on pizza, in curries, roasted, boiled, in cold and warm salads, pickled, etc.  Frankly, the grilled squid and aubergine with oil, chiles, and coriander topped with a miso dressing is one I must try.


They can sit on the counter for a day or two, otherwise as with most vegetables they should be kept in high humidity in the fridge. If they are soft when gently squeezed or dimples are visible it is time to use them up quickly.


Trimming off the top, just below the leaves, is all you need to do. From there you can cut them in cubes, rings, puree, etc. Some like put salt on cut pieces to remove bitterness.

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Here is a link to an untried recipe for eggplant fritters (I love fritters), but also a great website for some not-so-typical recipes: