Eden In My Heart


fisheye of Town Center
posted by Trevor Berrian, June 22 2013

I can’t help but feel that I am in the garden of Eden, walking with God.

This year I lived in the cold, dark world of academics, studying God in books and papers. It is important work but it takes a toll on the soul, for I am a wild man. I run through the forests, climbing trees and jumping through streams. I sing in fields and gaze upon the fierce Pacific Ocean. My heart lies close to creation.

And now, after walking through a dark valley (making it through with the help of many beloved friends), my hands are in the dirt once again. I feel connected directly with the life-giving power of God. It is the work of Eden in my heart and within the world.

The reconciliation of Christ is happening all around us. It is taking place within the relationships we are nourishing through the internship, it is happening in the growing of vegetables and in the light that shines from our work. It is something new and fresh, yet we follow in the footsteps of those faithful Christians and saints who were led by God into the fields.

We are dwelling in a space of freedom. Freedom to live our lives as a continual prayer to God.


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