Guest Blogger Wed: Make Your Own Deodorant

Today’s post is courtesy of Amy Wolthuis, one of our CSA members. Here’s a great recipe for a natural, homemade deodorant that their family uses:


1 part cornstarch OR arrowroot powder

1 part baking soda

Coconut oil

Combine cornstarch/arrowroot powder and baking soda in a glass mixing bowl. Start with a small amount of coconut oil and mix in enough to make a thick paste – deodorant consistency. You really have to mix/smash it well without adding too much coconut oil. It takes some time and elbow grease. It all gets incorporated, so just keep mixing! There are no specific measurements because coconut oil melts at a low heat, so proportions will vary depending on the season or temperature of your home. Too much coconut oil makes it runny and not enough makes it crumbly. It takes a little experimenting, but after a few times you can judge the consistency you like best. You can add several drops of your favorite essential oil, if you so desire. Spoon this into an empty deodorant dispenser or just keep it in a glass jar and use your hands to apply.