Meet Bill

5-1-2015Meet Bill, first to be featured in series of profiles we’re putting together to share how different members are putting their Eighth Day Farm CSA share to use.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I’m single, and live alone in a small house near work. I work at Gentex in Zeeland with the microelectronic assembly engineering team. Outside of work I watch and play soccer, casually play disc golf, watch movies, collect books that I don’t spend time properly reading, and am trying to develop food preparation abilities.

Why/how did you decide to become a CSA member?

I just happened to be walking around the Town Center, seeing what was there and the stand was open selling vegetables. I’d been looking for a nearby CSA so the next time there was an opportunity to sign up I did.

Tell us about your experience with Eighth Day Farm and how you’ve used your CSA share.

I generally make salads out of the leafy greens, radishes, green onions. Most of the other stuff I just stir fry. If I’m ambitious I’ve made pastys as well, especially when we get to rutabaga season. The onions and peppers I tend to freeze if I have extra. The cucumbers sometimes get cut up for salads, but I also got my grandmother’s pickle recipe so I’ve started to do those as well. When we get to squash season I’ve played around with baking them into chips, but I haven’t gotten those down too well. I’ve also unsuccessfully tried to turn tomatoes into pizza sauce. The garlic I’ve used an a bunch of things, but also saved a couple heads and am now growing my own.

What vegetable are you most excited about for this year, and how do you like to prepare it?

Hot peppers. I use them in a bunch of things, pretty much anywhere that a normal pepper wouldn’t be out of place. I’ll probably also try doing vegetable pasta and keep working with the tomatoes to try to make an acceptable sauce.