Meet our 2017 Interns!

We’re excited to have such a great crop of interns this summer. Be sure to thank them for their hard work when you see them at the farm or the weekly potluck!

Alex is participating in her first season as an intern at Eighth Day. She graduated from Hope College in May 2017 with a degree in Sociology and Environmental Studies. Her passion for farming comes from a curiosity and fascination for the life that grows from soil. Alex is eager to learn more about the impact that farming can have on a community and the knowledge that can grow about where our food comes from. She enjoys the honest, hard work that comes with working at Eighth Day and rolling around in the dirt.

Emma is a recent Hope College graduate with a degree in chemical engineering and joined the farm after a month of traveling in Kenya and Germany. She hopes to one day combine her love for the earth, math, and science as an environmental engineer and to do so in a way that values people and the planet above profits. Emma also surfs on Lake Michigan and is excited to spend time teaching her little brother how to cook this summer.

Caleb graduated from West Ottawa high school in may, and plans to spend the next few years learning more about sustainable agriculture through WWOOF-ing. Throughout Caleb’s teenage years he was exposed to more and more of the world of natural living and existing in harmony with the planet and developed a strong passion for sustainability and food. Farming at eighth day has been his first experience with growing food and it has quickly become his favorite thing to do. Outside of growing veggies Caleb enjoys playing and writing music, drinking coffee, biking, and reading.

“Hey there! My name is Alex Watts, but everyone ‘round here calls me Watts. I hail from Union, MI, a very small farming town with one yellow flashing light and lots of corn fields. I just graduated from Hope College in May with a B.S. in geology and environmental science and am currently pursuing a hydrogeology certificate through Western Michigan. Basically I like studying rocks and being outside, but can you really blame me when we live in Michigan? I like getting my hands dirty and believe that good, homegrown food is the best way to start relationships and build communities. When I’m not weeding or watching carrots grow at the farm, I’m usually walking the beach, reading a book, mountain biking through the woods, or grabbing a butter pecan ice cream cone at Captain Sundae. I can’t wait to see you around the farm! Happy days!”

Mikayla is currently a student at Hope College studying Business and Environmental Studies. When made aware of the internship program that Eighth Day offers it seemed to be the perfect next step in her education. She has a limited background in farming, so this is an experience that has begun to broaden knowledge and spark an even deeper passion for the environment. Outside of class and work Mikayla spends a lot of time at the beach, hiking, traveling, and reading.