Our Newsletter and A Correction

Many of you have already received our newsletter by mail.  If you haven’t or would like to send a copy onto a friend, we’ve uploaded a digital copy just for you!

Eighth Day’s Fall Newsletter

We have an unfortunate correction that needs to be addressed regarding our latest newsletter.  In our new partners section, we wrote about how we were excited to be working with Van Raalte Tech.  The end of this past week, we received an email stating that the administration no longer wanted to work with us.  We were very surprised at this news and extremely disappointed, as we were under the impression that things were progressing well in our relationship and the tool it was becoming in uniting students, staff, parents and community members.  We have asked to have a final, sit down meeting with the administration and our staff in order to, at the very least, close out our work with VR Tech.  We will keep you updated on the results of the meeting if granted.  Please continue to pray for this situation and pray that other opportunities to work with students will arise.