Owners of 709 Pine Avenue property. Zion continues to support us as a local mission and extended a ten-year lease on the Growth Center (709 Pine Avenue) property at no cost. We are indebted to their faithful support of and prayers over our work.


Generously invited us to farm in their parking lot back in 2012. It has been exciting to unpave the parking lot and put up a paradise. We’ve been blessed to work with the forward thinking management of The Holland Town Center, sharing a commitment to diversity and local enterprise.


In addition to supporting our Farm to Fork fundraising events and providing us with a steady supply of spent grains for our compost, New Holland Brewing provided resources to build our new hop yard at the Holland Town Center. In the future they will be purchasing hops from Eighth Day for their brewing.


AAADO’s mission is to enhance cultural awareness of the African American community through leadership development, with a special focus on self-esteem, academic success, college preparation, and job readiness for youth. They are partners in our Urban Youth Growers program.


Works tirelessly to help families prosper, addressing critical needs of food, clothing and housing while working to build necessary skills for success. CAH partners with our New Fast Food program and receives food donations from the CSA.


Engages in key outreach and support for families subject to domestic and/or sexual violence. New Fast Food bags are delivered to the agency during the growing season.


Fights poverty and homelessness through various programs. We have partnered with their Circles program to offer the New Fast Food bags to encourage nutrition and health.


Our renovations of the Growth Center building are made possible by a grant from the Community Foundation of the Holland/Zeeland Area.