Soaking It Up

posted by Mary Evak, June 20 2013

The seasons are certainly changing down on the farm. Spring has officially made way for summer. Finally.

It’s been one of the hottest weeks I’ve ever experienced and I bet that the temperature inside our house reached numbers that would make even my mother give in to air conditioning.

It may be getting unbearable, sticky, and sometimes even dangerous, but like every other season there are reasons for this and we will soon reap the benefits. Despite the discomfort of working in the hot sun, summer now means new veggies to me. The handful of teaser-zucchini last week was only testing the waters for the onslaught that is upon us now. Summer means peppers are coming. It means the green beans are in full production, the strawberries are going away, the weeds are slowing down, the flowers are suddenly huge, and the garlic is almost dry.

Overall it is just a fantastic time to be immersed in this farm. Our routines are steady and we can finally exhale from holding our breath in fear of frost. We interns are starting to look back at this summer and see how far we’ve really all come—how much we’ve changed and learned and formed such great friendships.

Last week I was fortunate enough to get to share all of this with my family. I had a visit from my parents and younger sister and had a blast showing them the farm properties and giving them a taste of daily life here (numerous hippie-jokes aside). Later we enjoyed a relaxing afternoon at the beach (farmer’s tan remains unfazed) and did some shopping post-dinner.

That’s about all the insight I can offer at this time, and I’m taking it as a good sign—soaking up the smooth-sailing and extremely content with life.


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