Sustainable Food Petition: American Public Media: Support Organics, Not Monstanto

Each of us at Eighth Day Farm feel consumers should have unbiased access to education about food production. Recently, NPR aired a program that was one-sided and largely funded by Monstanto. The following is an excerpt from
“Millions of Americans who demand a higher standard of news reporting turn to public radio because it’s supposed to present information that isn’t bought and paid for by corporate interests.

Unfortunately, American Public Media may be making an exception for GMO giant, Monsanto. Marketplace, a program of American Public Media, has provided a soapbox to opponents of organics with a recent report titled “The Non-Organic Future.”

Their GMO propaganda aired on a program that has received substantial sponsorship from Monsanto, the corporation responsible for producing roughly 90% of genetically modified seeds around the globe.

In a recent report entitled “The Non-Organic Future” Marketplace featured several outspoken proponents of industrial agriculture who presented as fact the false notion that organics are not a scalable, or even viable option for feeding the planet.

Not one counter-argument or undisputed proponent of the organics industry was presented.”

For the full article, visit, there is also a petition you may sign if you feel it is appropriate asking public radio to report the facts, though we are not pushing you to do so. We really just want those interested in sustainable farming to have access to the full story.