Take Back Your Kitchen

Occupy your kitchen!

Food writer and activist Michael Pollan advocates that one of the best moves we can make to help the environment and improve our health is to occupy our kitchens. At Eighth Day Farm we believe that the benefits to making meals at home are almost too many to count! Not only will you be more likely to be eating better quality food and food that has less petroleum in its history, but you will be engaging in an art form, a craft that can be shared with those you love, creating a daily ritual of care and nourishment. A quote we heard years ago that we’ve repeated often: “In our busy world, what are we rushing around to that could be of more value than rushing to get around the dining room table with those we love.”

Cooking advice

One goal of Eighth Day Farm is to foster a larger sense of community (family) supporting eating local, healthy, and understanding why what we put what we do into our bodies. We all have had the learning curve of figuring out what to do with less common vegetables. This learning continues for us all. As the season begins we are reminded of all the rich but brief conversations each week at pickups that are lost to those who are not around at that very moment. In an effort to share knowledge and promote a dialogue we provide an online introduction to items as they become available at pick ups.

For each item we have a description, common uses, tips for storage and preparation, as well as a recipe or two. For very common items, such as onions and lettuce, greater attention is paid to the unique health benefits and other facts. The intent is to begin a conversation rather than simply be encyclopedic. While we have a small team of moderators to help this along, we’d rather hear from all of you! Our hope is that the farm family (AKA members) will join the conversation by asking questions, offering suggestions, and sharing ideas and recipes in the comments. Don’t hesitate to jump in!

General Cooking Tips

Vegetable Profiles