Volunteer Reminders

Please keep the following in mind to ensure your time at Eighth Day Farm is a safe and positive experience.

Safety of people first

1. Help each other, be polite at all times
2. Drink water, stay hydrated. (Note: well water at Growth Center not for drinking)
3. Locate restrooms
4. Allergies? Injuries or medical history to be aware of? Know your limits. If you have a medical condition such as asthma or anaphylaxis, please bring your inhaler or epipen and tell your group leader of your condition before working in the field.
5. Always wear shoes (no sandals or bare feet allowed). Pants are highly recommended.
6. Wide brimmed hats or sunscreen are recommended.
7. No working in thunderstorms/lightning. However we do work in rain and cold, so bring appropriate attire.
8. Receive instructions for garden tools prior to using.
9. Try to keep an awareness of those nearby.
10. Wash hands prior to preparing produce for the market.
11. Please do not bring personal items with you to the farm. We do not have storage on site for personal items, and will not take responsibility for your belongings. If you bring personal belongings, such as phones, wallets, mp3 players, etc., you do so at your own risk. Plus, we want you to be able to unplug for awhile!

Safety of soil and plants

1. Watch your step! Please stay on aisles/paths at all times. Compaction of soil adversely affects plant health. This is extremely important!
2. Know what you are pulling, hoeing, picking, pinching-ask if you have questions.
3.  Quality work. “Haste makes waste.”  Examples: weed a bed thoroughly and you will save time weeding in the future; or, pick the bean plant over thoroughly, indeed painstakingly, and it will be more productive. Not doing a job properly costs us much more than doing it slowly.

Respect for property, tools and equipment

1. Be sure to receive adequate instruction before use.
2. Always put tools and equipment back in proper place.
3. Clean up area after task is completed: wipe down tools, spray trays clean, sweep, etc.